About Us

Who We Are

Innfopedia is a pool of talented, smart and motivated individuals grouped together with a single goal of imparting knowledge without any strings attached. Such individuals are at the core of Innfopedia because they take time out from their busy schedules to contribute towards the benefit of different students, academics and other professionals. These individuals are not confined to any particular part of the world, instead belong to different countries around the globe. Most of them are highly qualified and experienced professionals who believe that their knowledge gained over the years should not be used solely for satisfying their pockets. Instead such knowledge should be used to shape the future of our younger generation.

What We Believe In

“Providing knowledge to all, without any strings attached”

What We Do

Innfopedia specializes in the provision of information on a wide array of topics ranging from business and finance to statistics. All such information has been classified into broad categories in accordance with the knowledge requirements of different category of user.

  • Academic: Academic Category focuses on the provision of theoretical information with a slight touch of their practical applications. This category has been developed keeping in view the information need of different academics, professionals and students around the globe.
  • Research: Research category caters to the needs of students and academics engaged in research. The research performed under this category is a reflection of expertise of different educators at Innfopedia. The main focus of this category is to enlighten different researchers and open their minds to different research objectives and existing research gaps.
  • Market: Market category is focused more towards fulfilling the needs of different investors. The information provided under this category can be used by different investors to get an understanding of different complex concepts for making effective and efficient decisions.

How We Can Help

We realize that keeping pace with the changing market trend is difficult, but we are here to help.

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Our Values and Culture

We realize that everything has become a business nowadays.

We do not claim that we are doing this world a favor instead we stand by our mission of providing knowledge to the global community with utmost integrity. But we confess that there would be a cost of any additional customized support as our experts are taking time out from their busy schedule just to enable you to achieve your goals. Such cost is mostly negligible and often free if our experts deem it fit so.

For the purpose of keeping us motivated to provide knowledge to the world, without any strings attached, we have developed certain values and guiding principles that protect us from becoming greedy commercial enterprises.

  • We have developed an amicable culture which allows our contributors to freely share their ideas not only with you but also with their other colleagues contributing from any other corner of the world.
  • We connect the students directly with the tutor without being involved in the middle, charging zero fee for the services so that our driving principle cannot be compromised.
  • Students, researchers and academics from all around the world are provided equal opportunity to quench their thirst for knowledge.
  • This might seem unfair, but it is true. Usually the prices we offer are lower for developing countries as compared to developed countries, but believe me in any case they are just peanuts as compared to what is provided in return. This policy has been developed on the request of our experts who believe that it is our duty to make the attainment of knowledge easy for the deprived.
  • The information provided is vetted and verified first by other experts first before being published so that the chances of errors and misguidances can be eliminated.
  • We do not entice our viewers by providing partial information and asking for payments for viewing the remaining. Instead the knowledge;

We impart, we impart in its entirety or not at all.